Choosing Your Career

In association with  we will:

  1. identify career's that may suit you,
  2. help you make career or study choices now and along life’s journey,
  3. where possible, arrange a mentor to assist you with your career choice to help with your transition from professional rugby to a successful and prosperous life after rugby.

Also, have a look at our Alumni-owned businesses page to see what some your team mates are doing now. Click here

Let's get's not difficult!

1. Create a personalised account.

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2. Complete the CareerQuest questionnaire under ‘Tools’ to identify what careers you may be suited to.

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3. Create an up-to-date CV.

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4. Skill Matcher

  • Learn how your skills relate to jobs.
  • Skill Matcher is a fast and easy way to get job ideas.
  • Explore jobs for the skills you already have or are interested in learning.
  • Discover the industries that your skills match with.
  • Learn about the pay, entry requirements, and full range of skills for your job matches.

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5. Talk to a career expert over the phone

  • You can get advice from a professional career expert for free.
  • They can help you to:
    • make a personalised career plan
    • gain confidence
    • find work or training.
  • Call  for more information or to book your first session. Open from 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday.
  • 0800 601 301

Talk to a Career Specialist at the NZRPA

If you would like to talk to someone to help you in your decision making then contact a Career Specialist at the NZRPA (free of charge):

Fiona Brading  or 021 2368 381

Free consults via the phone, online or in person.

Finding a Job

Create a LinkedIn account

These days, a LinkedIn account is your professional resume. The good news is that athletes have a great reason to start a LinkedIn page and it’s very easy to set up

Most people use LinkedIn to connect professionally, grow their network, show off their resume and build connections. Also, it's a great platform to search for jobs.

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Seek placed New Zealanders in more jobs than any other channel in the last 12 months.

Click here to start searching.

Podium Recruitment

Podium is a platform that helps connect New Zealand’s top athletes with employment opportunities that will support and be flexible around their sporting aspirations, as well as life post-sport.

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Also Contact Mark Ranby from the NZRPA

Mark's Karapu Whutupaoro Kawerongo - Rugby Network Newsletter always includes current job opportunities in and around rugby circles.

Mark Ranby - 021 174 2777  Rugby Network Manager