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Financial Planning

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"It is not how much you earn, its is how much you keep".

As a professional rugby player you have the opportunity to earn a reasonable level of income early in your working life, so its is a reality that you may experience a significant reduction in your income when you retire - 'NZRPA By the Players for the Game'.

From the NZRPA Retired Players Survey 60% of players took 6 months or longer to 'gain control' post retirement and 46% pf players had been unemployed at some stage since retiring.

​Rugby Players Superannuation Fund

ASB and NZ Rugby have put together an initiative to support players in transition to post-rugby life.

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For every $5,000 p.a. that you contribute the NZR will make a contribution 2.5 times ($12,500) and 3.0 times ($15,000) if you have been employed for greater than 5 years.

The Hurricanes Alumni have calculated that if you had been in the ASB Growth Fund and contributed $5,000 p.a. over the last 10 years your $50,000 contribution would now be worth approximately $270,000.

*based on a growth rate of 7.95% p.a. that the fund has returned over the previous 10 years


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1. Start your emergency fund 

Life's unexpected turns can happy at any time. Have some finances tucked away to make these times a little easier. Start here

2. Get your KiwiSaver on track

What fund are you in? Is it one of the default schemes…can you find one with higher returns and lower fees? Click here

3. Tackle your debt

Do you have credit card balances and/or finance company loans? Click here

4. Cover your people, money stuff

Protect what is important – the people in your life, your money now and in the future, and what you own.

Look at your wills and insurance policies. Click here

5. Work out your retirement number

The earlier you plan your retirement the better. Click here

6. Set your goals then reach them!

Where do you want to be? What are your priorities? Setting targets helps to aim your money to reach your goals in life. Click here


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