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Lead the Way Leadership Course

Course Purpose

Lead the Way offers action packed personal development/leadership courses using horses where they DO leadership instead of sitting around in a classroom talking about it.

Their unique two day course consists of four sessions  working on the ground with horses, three lots of video analysis, which is really powerful for raising our self awareness, therefore change and four sessions of facilitation relating what we do with horses back to life and work.

"We are proud to be supporting the Hurricanes Alumni in the amazing job they do in helping professional players transition into the workplace, start new chapters in life and be the very best they can be." - Andrew & Sam Froggatt


Any beneficiary of the Hurricanes Alumni Foundation Trust.

  • past and present players
  • past and present coaches, management, and high-performance staff
  • past and present Hurricanes staff whose role has supported the Hurricanes franchise
  • partners, children, and dependents of the above

Course fees for the two day ‘The Leader Within” at $1,725 GST Incl. per person.
Course dates
(you are required to attend both days)

27 and 28 April 2022

Course reference

"Lead the Way is by far one of the best & relatable courses I’ve been on.
Leadership can be quite complex but the course simplifies & tailors it to your strengths & your areas of work-ons. The facilitators (Sam & Andrew) & staff are 1st class & I definitely encourage you to put your name forward. They create an environment where you will be challenged but also are safe at the same time". #27 Filo Tiatia

Apply here for a Lead-the-Way Scholarship

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